The +D initiative consists of industry representatives who actively drive the development of the shared Supply Chain infrastructure. 

The advantages of becoming a member are manifold:

For industry partners (e.g. Logistics Companies, Shipper, Insurer)

  • Gaining (measurable) insights into IoT & Blockchain Use Cases
  • Adjusting +D protocol to company's needs via consortium pilot projects and +D Working Groups
  • Generating savings via early adoption of contract automation
  • Positioning in emerging decentralised ecosystem

For data/service providers (e.g. trade finance, interoperability tech, decentralised analytics)

  • Enabling communication with other logistics services (embedding service in holistic environment) 
  • Opening new revenue streams
  • co-development of solutions embedded in real-life use cases of industry partners

For validators (e.g. IoT companies, access control protocols, object ID provider)

  • Entering new market for Smart contract validation 
  • Testing and implementing validation tools in collaborative environment with industry partners

Want to become a member? Please contact us for further information. 

For speaker requests or consultancy inquiries please send a message to