+D against fragmentation

Manual contracting with limited information exchange amongst the protagonists as well as missing links between existing datasets lead to black boxes along the Supply Chain and disconnected work flows. Consequences amongst others are: increased labour costs, administrative overhead, high error rates, limited access for smaller actors as well as limited opportunities for new business models.

Digitised and automated multiparty-contracting via the common +D transaction protocol will bring the long awaited alignment to the Supply Chain processes. With strong focus on data reliability and Interoperability, +D provides an optimal infrastructure for information and value exchange amongst protagonists and services. Multi-party workflow optimisation across becomes reality!

Decentral & Open 

In the past, we've seen several attempts to align logistics processes via centralised services. None of them have been succeeded to navigate the complex information flows. +D believes that the logistic market calls for open source group therapy in order to achieve individual economical success. We made it our mission to foster the development of a largely decentralised and open middleware protocol, avoiding any form of centralised power dynamics via potential shareholder interests. Furthermore, in order to avoid market distortions, +D refrains from any financing format via utility token sale (ICO). +D is an initiative built by its participants. 

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